A block pattern is a basic garment shape from which a pattern is drafted from as a starting point. Also known as a basic template, from this clothing patterns are created with different design variations. Pattern cutters use basic pattern shapes and adapt draft patterns each season to create clothing collections with different wearing ease for fitted, semi-fitted and loose fitting shapes.

“The definition of a block is any pattern without seam allowance from which other patterns are designed, also called basic pattern, block pattern, or foundation pattern.” Ease is the amount of “space” in a garment beyond the body measurements; the specific amount of ease will vary from style to style.

digital-downloadOur PDF Digital Block Patterns are arranged onto A4 sized pages for you to print out on economical A4 printers and assemble together; transfer onto a sturdy card to create your own block patterns. The individual pages are printed with a frame so they can be connected frame to frame, later.

Purchase the sturdy card from trade supplier in sheets or a roll. After connecting your A4 pdf digital block pattern pages together with magic tape, transfer onto durable card ie: Manilla card or Oaktag for longevity, staple the paper block pattern to the card and cut on the edge of the black solid lines and keep your original A4 block pattern intact. Each time you make a paper pattern, trace around your master block (card template) onto spot and cross paper pattern, create your new draft pattern and shapes adding seam allowances, hems etc. The great advantage of our Digital Block Patterns enables you to print off and travel light. The block patterns are (NETT) no seams.

Our professional womenswear Digital Block Patterns are based on UK sizes use by international fashion designers, pattern makers, students and home sewers.

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Wearing Ease
Minimum wearing ease: – used for a layer of clothing on the body – Tops, Skirts, Shirts
Medium wearing ease: – used for garments that form an intermediate layer – Jackets
Maximum wearing ease: – used for garments that form the outer layer – Coats

Ready-to-Use Digital Block Patterns 
Professionally drafted full-size blocks used in the fashion industry
Sizes 6 – 20 individually print out onto A4 paper
All the block patterns are (NETT) without seam allowances or turnings
Wearing ease is included with each block pattern i.e: Bodice – minimum 
Each block pattern set includes a size chart, block pattern piece information and instructions to assemble together to create your fabulous fashion patterns

Purchase your digital graded block patterns and create your designs
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Graded block patterns






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