international size chartSize & fit has always been a problem when it comes to purchasing clothes from different stores. If all the fashion designers worked with the same measurements there would be fewer returns. As it stands I can be a size 12 in store A, while in store B I’m a size 14.

I’m a designer, creative pattern maker and fashion educator working with catwalk designers and teaching fashion, I’ve seen over the years a big difference in sizing when it comes to each fashion house/label with the blocks patterns varying widely.

Some fashion universities work with a standard size 12 dress stand, but again this can vary because garment stands can be made to order using your own measurements.

In the UK industry, we work with a standard size 10 for selling samples and a size 8 for collections and catwalk models. At online fashion training library we work with standard size 8 and 10 garment stands.

1stclasspatterns full size block patterns

To select your correct size for digital block patterns measure around the fullest part of your A. bust. Measure on your natural B. waistline and measure 20 cms down from your waist for your C. hip measurement, this is the fullest part of your butt. Keep your tape in a horizontal position when measuring these areas, it’s also a good idea to look in the mirror or work with a friend.