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Unlock the art of fashion pattern cutting with our online courses and membership. Embark on a creative journey from your creative space, receive expert guidance, and gain access to valuable resources. Perfect for beginners and intermediate enthusiasts alike, elevate your skills and bring your fashion designs to life with precision and style. 

Creative pattern making is the technique of developing both flat patterns 2-Dimensional and draping fabric on a garment stand 3-Dimensional. Enrol now for a transformative learning experience in fashion pattern cutting.



It's is one of the skills required for the design process when producing clothes. Pattern making is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric or paper to conform to one or more curves of the human figure.

Using a predetermined set of related measurements or block patterns to achieve a 3-dimensional shape. Block patterns are made of Manilla card, used for its size and fit as a basis for styling patterns to your required designs.

The definition of a block is any pattern without seam allowance from which other patterns are designed also called basic pattern, block pattern, sloper or foundation pattern. Used in the fashion industry to facilitate economy in time and energy.



3D design is about working with fabric and body together to fit the human figure; it is a highly regarded skill. 

Draping is a technique used to make a 3-dimensional pattern by manipulating fabric and pinning on the garment stand to develop the structure of a draped or bias cut garment.

Draping expresses fall, fluidity and fold usually done in calico, muslin or inexpensive fabric that represents the final garment. After draping, the fabric is removed from the garment stand and used to create the pattern for the garment.