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What is Pattern Cutting?
Flat pattern cutting is the art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of paper to conform to one or more curves of the human figure. It’s the process of transferring your two-dimensional fashion drawings into three-dimensional garments using the slash (cut and spread) or pivot methods used in the fashion industry.

Pattern cutting is one of the skills required for the design process when producing our clothes, it is an important part of fashion design.

Work At Your Own Pace In Your Own Environment

Pattern Making

Working with the basic bodice, skirt and shirt block patterns in half scale and full-size.

For a Career in the Fashion Industry or a Project

What is Fashion Draping?
Modelling often called draping is about working with fabric and/or body to produce 3D shapes on the garment stand or the human figure; it is a highly regarded skill. The 3D shapes are transferred from the stand or body onto pattern paper or card to create 2D patterns from which a cut garment is made. Pattern cutters often sculpt with fabric to interpret ideas into reality as its most effective when using soft fabrics i.e. silk satin. Fabrics draped on the bias or cross-grain stretches and behave differently to the same fabric draped on the straight grain.

Fashion Draping

As a professional creative pattern cutter, I use one or more methods (draping on a garment stand or body) combined with flat pattern cutting to produce clothing patterns for international designers catwalk collections, made-to-measure couture, red carpet ensembles, high street and teaching on fashion courses. It’s possible I may have made the pattern for the outfit you’re wearing today!

Online Fashion Training Library

• Individuals who would like to make their own clothes
• A learner who is developing a fashion portfolio
• Aspiring fashion students starting out in higher education
• A learner pursuing a career as a designer pattern cutter
• Individuals who would like to learn pattern cutting and draping to industry standards

Each video tutorial is designed with the learner in mind, it takes you from the very beginning of understanding what a block pattern is through to creating 2D patterns and draping on the stand to industry standards. The “easy to follow” video tutorials are available as long as you’re a member of the fashion training library with new video tutorials released every month. Learn at your own pace, in your own environment, build up your skills with guidance and feedback from your online tutor. This training is for beginners level.

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Our membership allows you to experience working with fashion industry experts and certified fashion educators at your own pace wherever you are in the world!

1. Study around other activities
2. Cut out the time and fares spent travelling to a class
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4. Learn from your own environment
5. Work with fashion industry experts

Lesson Aims
1. To introduce the language of pattern cutting and draping.
2. To introduce and develop an understanding of the equipment, technology and techniques.
3. To develop an understanding of the basic principles of pattern cutting to produce accurate patterns.
4. To develop the skills required to fashion industry level using appropriate technology.

Learning Outcome
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of pattern cutting and draping.
2. Translate design ideas into 2-dimensional patterns.
3. Understand the industry based pattern cutting and draping techniques alongside theoretical techniques.
4. To interpret a design into understandable, workable accurate patterns that can be made into garments.
5. 2-dimentional pattern styles and a fashion portfolio.

Each tutorial 1) step-by-step videos range from 5-15-minutes, 2) skills workbook, worksheets and 3) training resources to help you take your skills to the next level, with new video tutorials published every month inside the private membership area. The training resources can be downloaded all at once or as and when you need them. Whatever works best for YOUR learning style.

And what’s included in the video tutorials?
The womenswear pattern cutting starts with an introduction to using digital block patterns, tools and terminology, copying the block to paper, using the slash and pivot methods, uses of darts in fashion and more. You are expected to dedicate time to complete the assignments and homework using the basic bodice, skirt and shirt block pattern in half scale and full size 10 to create pattern work for the following

• Bodice dart manipulation
• Sleeve silhouettes
• Collars
• Curved and asymmetric bodice darts
• Darts into seams lines through bust points
• Straight skirt dart manipulation and seam lines
• Laid on collars and stand collars
• Darts into seams away from bust point
• Flared skirt with yokes and seam lines
• Bodice dart manipulation and darts into seams
• Shirts, collars, plackets, cuffs and collars
• Necklines and button openings
• Bodice darts used as gathers
• Pockets, waistbands and facings

The womenswear fashion draping tutorials start with an introduction to preparing and working on a dress stand. You are expected to dedicate time to complete the assignments and homework using a dress stand in half scale and/or full size to complete draping exercises for bodices, skirts, shirts, sleeves and collars.

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