Fashion illustration: ruffle topNew to fashion design? Did you know that if you want to be a fashion designer as part of a college or university course / degree you have to learn other subjects like pattern cutting, fashion draping and using industrial machines in order to be successful in the competitive industry.

In saying that there are some fashion designers who have no experience in the subject or industry but they have become successful with their clothing label.

Before she became a fashion designer, Victoria Beckham was a member of the Spice Girls. In 2008, Victoria launched her own womenswear collection with a team of fashion designers and pattern cutters creating dresses and separates. She has since expanded her brand into accessories and she oversees all design and production.

Online Fashion Training

As a trained fashion designer working with international designers I sometimes create new blocks for the upcoming collections, it depends on the design and fit of the garments required. Sometimes I adapt a block to create new block/s. A lot more companies look for a designer, pattern cutter who works manually and with (CAD) computer aided design. Start off manually, get to understand the terminology and techniques of creating 2D patterns, you’ll have a better understanding when you come to learn on a CAD system. It’s best to learn both (manual and CAD) that way you’ll find it easier to secure a job. Online Courses: Pattern Cutting | Fashion Draping | Sewing

If you want to test the waters, see if fashion designing is for you. I’ve created digital block patterns for anyone interested in creating clothing patterns using block patterns as a starting point. These block patterns above are what I use to demonstrate with when I’m teaching the technical processes of fashion design in pattern cutting and also when creating clothing patterns for designer collections in the fashion industry.

Get your digital block patterns with instructions, here. Come back and show us what you are working on. Ez xx