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Online Course: Pattern Cutting & Sewing Basics

Level: Beginner

If you're a sewing enthusiasts seeking skill enhancement and have a sense of curiosity, a love for creativity, and a desire to explore your own potential, then this course is the right fit for you.

This training leads you through a systematic journey, progressing from mastering tools and techniques to crafting your own women's wear patterns. It provides an introduction to fundamental pattern cutting skills along with essential sewing basics directly applicable to the art of pattern cutting.

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Online Courses: Design Challenge Style Files

Level: Intermediate +

Our online courses are excellent value for learning the skill of pattern making. You'll have access to industry professionals, fashion pattern cutting knowledge and techniques, video lessons, digital block patterns and online support.

The Online Course Design Challenge Style Files has a more structured and linear learning path. It is perfect for you if looking to accelerate your growth at a rapid pace. You are provided with a time frame to successfully complete each online course.

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Membership: Create Your Wardrobe

Level: Intermediate +

Our online membership is an excellent value for the life of your subscription for learning the skill of pattern making for women's wear. Using digital block patterns in half scale equivalent to a UK size 12. Further, your pattern making skills by recreating the projects using full UK size 6-20 block patterns.. 

It's perfect for someone looking to implement a growth plan at their own pace, additional perks with community Q&A, exclusive resources and new content added each month to help develop your skills with online support.

Create fashion patterns with confidence


Drafting a pattern requires some knowledge of industry pattern-making techniques, there are also some general steps to follow. Start with simple designs and gradually work your way up to more complex garments.


Pattern making involves creating a 2D template that corresponds to each piece of the garment, which is then used to cut the fabric and construct the garment. It takes practice to perfect high-quality patterns.


Fitting the toile is an important step in the garment-making process. It involves testing the fit and shape of a garment on the stand or body before cutting the final fabric. It's important to check the fit at all points.


Pursue Your Passion for Fashion Pattern Cutting

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