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As promised, a pattern tutorial taken from Fashion Draping Beginners Course on draping the front bodice. I’ve broken this down because this post will be too long, If you’re new to fashion draping you will need to purchase a few things:

• Dress stand
• Pattern paper
• Paper scissors
• Fabric shears
• 4H and HB pencil, eraser
• Set square, fashion curve or pattern master
• Sewing pins
• Tape measure


1. Place a pin on the centre front bust line, neck and waist.


2. Smooth your calico towards the side seam, keeping the horizontal bust line over the styling tape (on the stand) and place a pin at the side seam.


3. You now have excess fabric from the neck to the shoulder. This will become your shoulder dart.


4. Slash from the top edge of calico in towards the neck line. Place pins along the neckline from the centre front to the side neck.


5. Start from the shoulder and pin your dart towards the bust point.


6. Using your fabric shears snip the calico up to the waist tape to release the tension for when we create the waist dart.


7. Make sure you don’t pin in your darts too tight in the front and distort the bodice.


8. Use a HB pencil and mark in the seam and dart lines.


9. Mark both sides of the waist dart on the front waistline.


10. The bust dart we are going to mark in when we take the bodice off the stand. This is another way of marking your toile on a flat surface.

The video course walks you through step-by-step in detail how to achieve your draped styles.

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