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Taking Inspiration From The Catwalk To THE Red Carpet

Incorporate these techniques into your pattern making process, to create patterns that fit well and are accurate to your design

Pattern making is more than just a technical process. It's an opportunity to bring your vision to life and create something beautiful and unique. Wearing ease requirements differ across clothing items.

Choose our digital block pattern with appropriate wearing ease to save time while ensuring maximum comfort and movement. Watch over the instructor's shoulder while she shows you step by step how to approach the pattern making process using block patterns as a starting point!

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Haute Couture|Ready-To-Wear

A0/A4/US Digital Block Patterns Size 6-20


Pattern making is an art form that requires precision, creativity, and attention to detail 

For a pattern that fits flawlessly, ensure precise measurements are taken throughout the process, and accurately trace smooth curves on transparent pattern paper, utilizing a French curve.

Additionally, it's crucial to true your pattern pieces and notch them correctly. Mark the grainline parallel to the selvedge or bias grain of the fabric and create a toile, to test the pattern's fit before cutting the final fabric.

Create fashion patterns with confidence


Drafting a pattern requires some knowledge of industry pattern-making techniques, there are also some general steps to follow. Start with simple designs and gradually work your way up to more complex garments.


Pattern making involves creating a 2D template that corresponds to each piece of the garment, which is then used to cut the fabric and construct the garment. It takes practice to perfect high-quality patterns.


Fitting the toile is an important step in the garment-making process. It involves testing the fit and shape of a garment on the stand or body before cutting the final fabric. It's important to check the fit at all points.


We believe that anyone can learn how to make patterns with the right guidance and resources to master the art of pattern cutting. We use a step-by-step proven framework that takes students through the process. 


Our courses are designed to help you connect with your creativity and learn the technical skills necessary to create patterns that fit perfectly. With online support students can learn, grow, and achieve their goals.

Online Courses

Pattern making is a critical component of the fashion industry, and it requires a unique combination of technical skill and creativity. In flat pattern making we visually break down a photo of a style to create a draft, pattern and a toile using digital block patterns as a starting point inside each course. 

We acknowledge the questions that can arise during pattern making. It can be an overwhelming task to create a pattern that both fits perfectly and fulfils the desired design.

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Pursue your passion for fashion pattern cutting

Create • Inspire • Teach
  • Through our online platform, we have seen students achieve amazing outcomes. They have created custom pieces that fit perfectly, started their businesses, and even secured jobs in the fashion industry. We are proud to have played a role in their success.
  • We understand that the pain point for many students is the lack of access to quality industry instructions. Traditional courses can be expensive and time-consuming. 
  • Our online courses eliminate these barriers and offer students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and from the comfort of their own homes with some specialized equipment which is beneficial to their workflow.

I'm so excited. This blueprint is amazing, taking the fear and guesswork out of creative pattern making. I love learning from you.


This framework is amazing, looking forward to exploring more techniques as my confidence grows! I'm learning more in the online courses than in my fashion degree.


Started my course a week ago cranking through the lessons and implementing everything taught. You are an awesome teacher! Thank you.


Unlock Your Creativity and Save Time and Money

Our online courses are excellent value for learning the skill of pattern making. You'll have access to industry professionals, fashion pattern cutting knowledge and techniques, video lessons, digital block patterns in A0/A4/US size printables and online support.

If you've struggled with finding clothing that fits well our online courses are the perfect solution. Whether you're a fashion student looking to improve your skills, an aspiring designer looking to launch your brand, or explore your creative side, our online courses are tailored to your needs.

Invest in yourself and break through any barriers to your success as a pattern maker


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1. First select your Digital Dress Block Pattern size UK 6-20

2. Select your Online Courses i.e. DC SF001 - Top/Mini Dress Course and purchase

Select Digital Block Pattern UK Size 6-20

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How is the Online Course: Design Challenge Style Files different from Create Your Wardrobe membership?

It's the same content in both.

The Online Courses: Design Challenge Style Files has a more structured and linear learning path. It is perfect for someone looking to accelerate their growth at a rapid pace. Participants are provided with a time frame of 6 months to successfully complete each online course.

The Create Your Wardrobe Membership is perfect for someone looking to implement a growth plan at their own pace, additional perks with community Q&A, exclusive resources and new content added each month to help develop your skills with online support.


Taking Inspiration From The Catwalk To THE Red Carpet

1. First select your Digital Dress Block Pattern size UK 6-20

2. Select your Online Courses i.e. DC SF001 - Top/Mini Dress Course and purchase


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Top/Mini Dress



LEVEL Intermediate-Beginner


Corset and Side Bag



LEVEL Intermediate


Spiral Corset Dress



LEVEL Intermediate


Access our growing online courses that will teach you the life long skills in pattern making. Learn from industry professionals, stay focused and on track while you implement everything you’re learning!


Build your confidence with your pattern making skills. Access professional pattern making knowledge and techniques with our step-by-step road map, downloadable resources and exclusive member-only discounts.

Learn and improve your skills, which can ultimately lead to better-fitting garments with online support when you need it.


Our online courses are more cost-effective than taking in-person classes or hiring a professional pattern cutter.

Our members have the convenience and flexibility to access video tutorials, digital block patterns, and other resources at any time and from anywhere with internet access. This makes it easy to fit your pattern cutting lessons into a busy schedule and work at your own pace.


The online courses allow you to search for specific content parts and jump immediately to the right spot inside the video by keywords, find exact words spoken, also written text.

Navigate to chapters, auto-generated video captions, and automatic transcriptions.

Cancel and Refund Policy

Our online courses and digital products are non-refundable, all sales are final. Please be sure we're a good fit before you purchase.

Payment is taken as soon as you complete your registration. If you have any questions, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll help you out.

"As someone who has always been interested in fashion design, I was hesitant to invest in a pattern cutting course due to the cost. However, after taking this course, I can say without a doubt that it was absolutely the right decision. The course was well-organized, easy to follow, and provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to create high-quality patterns. I especially appreciated the step-by-step approach and personalized feedback from the instructor. Thanks to this course, I have been able to create garments that fit perfectly and even started my own small fashion business. It was definitely worth the investment."


"I had a few months experience in pattern making before taking this course, and I was skeptical about whether I would be able to create patterns on my own. However, I'm so glad I decided to enrol because it was absolutely the right decision. The course provided me with clear instructions, useful techniques, and tips that helped me create patterns that fit me perfectly. The instructor was also very supportive and provided prompt feedback on my work, which was invaluable. Thanks to these course, I can now create patterns with confidence and have even started to design my own clothing line. It's definitely worth the investment for anyone who is serious about pattern making."


What makes us different

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive, accessible, and supportive learning experience through our courses for students to approach traditional pattern cutting methods and think outside the box.

"Like many of you, I've always loved designing clothes. But for years, I stuck with dressmakers sewing patterns. I would spend hours measuring and cutting fabric, sometimes ending up with a garment that didn't fit properly, I felt so frustrated at times.

After I studied for my fashion design degree I honed in on evening classes in creative pattern making. Fast forward… I knew I wasn't alone in wanting to level-up my skills, that's why I created this online platform. I wanted to provide a space where people from around the world could come together, learn professional pattern cutting, and get the support they need to create garments that fit perfectly. With our online courses, you'll have access to passionate and experienced pattern cutters who are eager to help you improve your skills from your creative space.

We offer a range of video tutorials, downloadable resources and members-only discounts that are designed to help you overcome common challenges and master new techniques. We understand the frustration of spending hours on a project only to have it not turn out the way you envisioned. That's why we're here to help you achieve your pattern making goals and create garments that you'll be proud to wear. 

Forever Access

The online courses were designed for self-paced learning, and once you enroll, you'll have indefinite access to it. Yes, you heard it right! You'll have perpetual access to the course materials, resources, and our unwavering commitment to your success.

Sign up to an online course today and start creating clothing that fits you!"

Frequently Asked Questions


Language requirements

You must be confident speaking and reading English to a conversational level

Do I need experience to join?

Intermediate-Beginners/Level 2 

You should have completed the Beginners/level 1 and have an understanding of dart manipulation and used a sewing machine previously.

Advanced/Level 3

Designed for learners who have progressed through all previous levels 1 and 2.

Do I need a sewing machine?

Yes, It is assumed that you have your own domestic/industrial sewing machine. You will also need specialist tools to progress, these are an investment and they can last you many years to come.

What are the technical requirements?

● Internet connection
● Windows 10, Vista or XP; Mac OS 10.4 or higher
● Up to date:  Firefox, Safari, Chrome
● You must have a working email address that you regularly check
● Computer, laptop, tablet with speakers/USB headset integrated
● A printer is required to print out the course materials

Free Software
Adobe Reader – (for downloadable resources)

How do I access the online course?

Once you've registered you'll receive an email with details to access your online course from your private dashboard. Download the digital resources to your computer. Lifetime access to purchased digital block patterns and online course.

What if I want to join the membership?

If you've previously bought a standalone online course, it won't be impacted when you join the "Create Your Wardrobe Membership". You can continue accessing those courses as usual. Even if you decide to cancel your membership, you'll still have the online courses you bought before joining the membership.

What is your cancel and refund policy?

Refund Policy

Our digital products are non-refundable, so please be sure we're a good fit before you purchase. Payment is taken as soon as you complete your registration.

Chargeback Policy
Credit card chargebacks and PayPal disputes can be costly. We reserve the right to terminate and disable your account that have filed chargebacks or disputes. Please contact us to discuss any issues you may have or would like us to review.

Is the site secure and is my information safe?

Yes, all financial information is securely encrypted during transmission and securely stored. All transmissions of sensitive information are encrypted using HTTPS and an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).


This is where the magic happens



Equipment list

Don't cut Corners!

Purchase good quality tools & equipment

Drafting, pattern making, and toiling are all critical steps in the process of creating a garment that fits properly. When it comes to creating your patterns the very first thing you need is good quality tools and equipment. These are an investment and they can last you a lifetime if you look after them.

I’ve listed the tools and specialist equipment you will need to purchase or gather together in the free guide. I highly recommend purchasing your tools from a good local trade supplier or online.

Who is this for?

If you share our lifelong passion for pattern cutting the technical aspects of fashion design and you are: 

  • Presently at intermediate-beginners level +
  • You want to explore creative pattern cutting
  • You want to become a professional pattern maker
  • You're ready to take intentional, imperfect action
  • You want to expand your knowledge and skills
  • Prior experience using a sewing machine
  • You're done with going at this alone

You're in good company

We've seen many students achieve impressive outcomes through our courses, such as being able to create garments that fit them perfectly or even starting their fashion businesses. One of our students, Jasmine, was able to create an evening dress for herself using the skills she learned in our courses. Another student, Janet, used the techniques she learned to start her pattern making business selling custom clothing.

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