Pattern Cutting Beginners Course

It’s been a long time coming…

Before I could put pen to paper I needed to know if people were interested in learning pattern cutting to industry standards, so we sent out surveys before outlining the online beta course and yes if anyone’s asking it takes a lot of planning, research and preparation when you’re creating fashion courses whether it’s for an education establishment or for online. You have to take yourself out of the box with all that you know and visualise the step by step learning process, level and the outcome through the eyes of a learner before putting the course together in your mind and then in reality.

When I started teaching on fashion courses I was asked to create courses on pattern making and sewing, I found it very difficult to put the courses together at the time I had experience working in the fashion industry but no formal teacher training this was years before I gained my PGDHE certified teacher training at Dr Martin Shobens fashion college. It wasn’t until I was actually studying to become a fashion teacher that I realised the amount of work that’s involved in creating courses. Incidentally, Martin was also one of my pattern cutting lecturer when I attended London College of Fashion and later when I graduated I continued learning my craft in pattern cutting, fashion draping and grading at his evening classes for many years; which if you didn’t know where brilliant, Martin was a fantastic methodical teacher.

Pattern Cutting Beginners Course - notebooks

I’ve got this thing about sketchbooks, ideas books and notebooks I guess that’s my creative side, I like to put pen to paper and write, draw, create samples and mind-map through all the stages of the course in detail before I start creating the content. Transferring your knowledge onto a beginner is not always easy especially when everyone learns at a different pace, so we’re creating the in-depth video training course at a steady pace to test, improve and iron out any parts with our beta members because you can never tell if a course is up to scratch until you have learners run it through the mill. Pattern Cutting Beginners Course - materials needed

You will need to purchase specialist pattern cutting equipment and have a dedicated work space to complete the assignments. If you have limited space purchase a pair of fold-up trestles and a sheet of MDF to place on top, store the MDF up against a wall when not in use. A materials list will also be included for you to purchase all your equipment and have them to hand before you start the online course, you will also need to set aside time to go through the course materials and complete the assignments, this can be done around your schedule. Pattern Cutting Beginners Course

The videos are between 7 – 12 minutes long, set out into modules inside a private members area with training library materials, downloads, homework and more. Creating the content for this course has been really exciting, I love seeing all the content come together and I know I always say this, I so wish I had resources like this when I was a student.

If you are interested in learning womenswear pattern cutting at beginners level join us here