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You must have an understanding of dart manipulation and used a sewing machine previously



Are you struggling to find clothes that fit you well off-the-rack?

This can be frustrating and time-consuming. By learning how to make your patterns through an online membership, you can create clothing that is tailored specifically to your body measurements and preferences or that matches your style preferences.

Many people struggle with finding clothing that fits them well and flatters their body type. This can be especially true for those who fall outside of standard sizes. We can help you to achieve a better fit and feel more comfortable and confident in your clothes.

For some, attending in-person classes or working with a professional pattern cutter may be difficult or impractical due to your location or scheduling constraints.

By offering online resources and support we provide a convenient and accessible way for you to improve your pattern making skills, create garments that fit well, reflect your style and flatter your body type.

Additionally, our online membership can save you money in the long run, as you'll be able to create high-quality, custom-fitted clothing at a lower cost than buying ready-to-wear garments or hiring a professional pattern maker.

Connect with your online instructors who are passionate about all things pattern making and sewing. This can provide a valuable source of inspiration, feedback, and support as you work on projects.


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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you register you'll receive email instructions on how to access your private portal. A new module is released in your dashboard each month for you to implement at your own pace. We work with a proven framework for each project.

Using digital block patterns in half scale equivalent to a UK size 12. Further, your pattern making skills by recreating the projects in full size 6-20 block patterns. Access online support when you need it. By the end of each module, you will have completed a half-scale and (full-size optional) pattern and a toile (also known as a mock-up or muslin) of the style.

benefit 1

Build your confidence with your pattern making skills. Access professional pattern making knowledge and techniques with our step-by-step road map, downloadable resources and exclusive member-only discounts.

Learn and improve your skills, which can ultimately lead to better-fitting garments with online support when you need it. 

benefit 2

Our online membership is more cost-effective than taking in-person classes or hiring a professional pattern cutter.

Our members have the convenience and flexibility to access video tutorials, digital block patterns, and other resources at any time and from anywhere with internet access. This makes it easy to fit your pattern cutting lessons into a busy schedule and work at your own pace. 

benefit 3

Create Your Wardrobe membership allows you to search for specific content parts and jump immediately to the right spot inside the video by keywords, find exact words spoken, also written text.

Navigate to chapters, auto-generated video captions, and automatic transcriptions.



Drafting a pattern requires some knowledge of industry pattern-making techniques, there are also some general steps to follow. Start with simple designs and gradually work your way up to more complex garments.



Pattern making involves creating a 2D template that corresponds to each piece of the garment, which is then used to cut the fabric and construct the garment. It takes practice to perfect high-quality patterns.



Fitting the toile is an important step in the garment-making process. It involves testing the fit and shape of a garment on the stand or body before cutting the final fabric. It's important to check the fit at all points.

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Pattern Drafting

The first step in creating a garment is drafting a pattern using a digital block pattern, Manilla card/Oak tag, pattern paper and essential pattern making equipment. This involves creating a basic design and transferring it to paper. Measurements of the bust, waist, and hip, are used to create a pattern that is tailored to the wearer's body shape. 


Pattern Making

Once the pattern has been drafted, the next step is to create a 2D pattern. This involves transferring the pattern from the draft onto a larger sheet of pattern paper. True the pattern pieces, add seam allowances, grainlines and pattern information. Each lesson varies according to the complexity of each design.


Toile Construction

After the pattern has been made, a toile or mock-up is created. This is a test garment made from inexpensive fabric i.e. calico that is used to check the fit, proportion and design of the garment. The toile is adjusted based on personalized statistics such as the length of the torso, the shape of the shoulders, and any asymmetry in the body. This is then used to make any necessary adjustments to the pattern before the final garment is made in the real fabric.

Equipment list

Don't cut Corners!

Purchase good quality tools & equipment

Drafting, pattern making, and toiling are all critical steps in the process of creating a garment that fits properly. When it comes to creating your patterns the very first thing you need is good quality tools and equipment. These are an investment and they can last you a lifetime if you look after them.

I’ve listed the tools and specialist equipment you will need to purchase or gather together in the free guide. I highly recommend purchasing your tools from a good local trade supplier or online.

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What makes us different

Our commitment to providing a comprehensive, accessible, and supportive learning experience through our membership for students to approach traditional pattern cutting methods and think outside the box.

"Like many of you, I've always loved designing clothes. But for years, I stuck with dressmakers sewing patterns. I would spend hours measuring and cutting fabric, sometimes ending up with a garment that didn't fit properly, I felt so frustrated at times.

After I studied for my fashion design degree I honed in on evening classes in creative pattern making. Fast forward… I knew I wasn't alone in wanting to level-up my skills, that's why I created this online platform. I wanted to provide a space where people from around the world could come together, learn professional pattern cutting, and get the support they need to create garments that fit perfectly. With our membership, you'll have access to passionate and experienced pattern cutters who are eager to help you improve your skills from your creative space.

We offer a range of video tutorials, downloadable resources and members-only discounts that are designed to help you overcome common challenges and master new techniques. We understand the frustration of spending hours on a project only to have it not turn out the way you envisioned. That's why we're here to help you achieve your pattern making goals and create garments that you'll be proud to wear. 

Join our membership today and start creating clothing that fits you!"

About Ezmé

Ezmé caught the sewing bug at a very young age from her mum who was a meticulous seamstress and her love of shoes from her dad who was a self-taught shoe cobbler both from their teens. 

She studied for her degree in fashion design where she caught the bug for pattern making. After graduation, she started her fashion career in couture, luxury high-end labels as a junior designer, pattern cutter and later a fashion lecturer over three decades in women’s, men’s and children’s wear.

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor




I struggled with finding clothes that fit me properly especially at the hip

I've always loved fashion, but she never felt confident in my ability to create my garments. I struggled with finding clothes that fit me properly and were flattering to my body type. Frustrated by the limitations of store-bought clothes, I decided to try my hand at pattern making. I followed Ezmé framework to achieve my goal and made my first dress.




Found accessible resources that were comprehensive and easy to follow

I quickly realized that pattern making was more difficult than I anticipated. I struggled to find accessible resources that were comprehensive and easy to follow. I invested in my fashion degree and expensive classes but found that they didn't provide the level of support I needed to succeed. Frustrated and discouraged, I began to doubt my ability to learn valuable pattern cutting skills, until my classmate introduced me to Ezmé.



Career Change

Following a proven framework I gained confidence in pattern making

I was able to finally achieve my goal of creating perfectly fitting garments that flattered my body type following a proven framework with the help from the tutor. I was able to unlock my creativity and express myself through my projects. And perhaps most importantly, I was able to gain confidence in my ability to learn and grow as a pattern maker with a step-by-step process in the lessons.

Unlock Your Creativity and Save Time and Money With Our Online Pattern Cutting Membership

Our online membership is an excellent value for the life of your subscription for learning the skill of pattern making. You'll have access to fashion industry tutors, pattern cutting knowledge and techniques, video lessons, digital A0/A4/US letter size printable block patterns and online support. If you've struggled with finding clothing that fits well our membership is the perfect solution.

We'll teach you how to create patterns ensuring that your garments fit well and flatter your body type. Designed to be convenient and flexible, so you can access your resources at any time. Plus, our membership has everything you need to take your skills to the next level and create well-fitting garments that you'll be proud to wear.

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The modules are released monthly to allow time to learn and implement


Pricing Plans

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£25 month/83p day/save £60

What's included

  • Half-scale digital block patterns
  • New lesson each month
  • Step-by-step road map
  • Downloadable resources
  • Automatic transcriptions
  • Auto-generated video captions
  • Closed caption videos in English
  • Search inside the video by keyword
  • Navigate to video chapters 1, 2, 3 etc
  • 24/7 Access, work at your own pace
  • Online support via email
  • Subscribed members discounts
  • OPTIONAL: Full-size 6-20 digital block patterns


Exclusive Member-Only Discounts

Cancel and Refund Policy

The membership plan provides the flexibility for you to receive online support. To cancel future monthly or yearly payments, log into your member's account and follow the onscreen instructions or contact us.

Due to the nature of our online membership subscriptions and digital products refunds are non-refundable, all sales are final. Please be sure we're a good fit before you sign up. 


Language requirements

You must be confident speaking and reading English to a conversational level.

Do I need experience to join?

Intermediate-Beginners/Level 2 

You should have completed Beginners/level 1 and have an understanding of dart manipulation and used a sewing machine previously.

Advanced/Level 3

Designed for learners who have progressed through previous levels 1 and 2.

Do I need a sewing machine?

Yes, It is assumed that you have your own domestic/industrial sewing machine. You will also need specialist tools to progress, these are an investment and they can last you many years to come.

When does the first lesson begin?

The first module begins when enrolment is open and you sign up and register.

What are the technical requirements?

● A strong internet connection
● Windows 10, Vista or XP; Mac OS 10.4 or higher
● Up to date: Firefox, Safari, Chrome
● You must have a working email address that you regularly check
● Computer, laptop, tablet with speakers/USB headset integrated
● A printer is required to print out the course materials

Free Software
Adobe Reader – (for downloadable resources)

How long do I have to complete each module?

A new module is released in your dashboard each month for you to implement at your own pace. We work with a framework for each project using digital block patterns in half scale equivalent to a UK size 12. Further your pattern making skills by recreating the projects in full scale with UK size 6-20 block patterns.

Will I still have access to the lessons if I unsubscribe?

No. Access the modules and resources as long as you are a subscribed member.

Is the site secure? In addition, is my information safe?

Yes, all financial information is securely encrypted during transmission and securely stored. All transmissions of sensitive information are encrypted using HTTPS and an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Cancel and Refund Policy

The monthly membership plan provides the flexibility to receive online support. To cancel future monthly or yearly payments, log into your member's account and follow the onscreen instructions or contact us.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of our online membership subscriptions and digital products refunds are non-refundable, all sales are final. Please be sure we're a good fit before you sign up. 

Payment is taken as soon as you complete registration for the membership. You will be billed monthly/yearly until you cancel. You will not receive any partial credit if you cancel your monthly subscription before its term ends.

Chargeback Policy
Credit card chargebacks and PayPal disputes can be costly. We reserve the right to terminate and disable your membership account that have filed chargebacks or disputes. Please contact us to discuss any issues you may have or would like us to review.

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