Have you ever wanted to create or make a pattern of a garment you designed?
International size chart
circle-1As a starting point when I work with fashion designers I use block patterns to create Spring / Summer or Autumn / Winter collections seen on the catwalk, magazines, shops and in your wardrobe. Check your measurements against the size chart here, once you’ve decided on your size go to the category ie: Dress, add to cart, purchase and you’ll be seconds away from creating the garment you designed.

Whenever I create a new block paper pattern and it’s been finalised I then transfer it onto manilla card/oak tag for durability, this becomes my master block pattern that I’ll use to create multiple styles or variations for the collections. If you are not sure what is a block pattern is, check it out here.

Digital block patterns printer setting

Follow the steps in the directions provided to print out your A4 digital block pattern using your home inkjet printer.

Digital block patterns print out

circle-3This a beast of a printer but I love my Brother laser printer as its very economical, you can use your inkjet as it does the same job. If you are doing a lot of printing do your research and find a printer suitable for your purpose. Some cheap printers require expensive ink refills.

Digital block patterns printed on A4 paper

circle-4Position your A4 printed block pattern pages together, place pattern weights or mapping pins to hold your pages together and tape pages together using magic tape at the intersections. Leave 3 – 5cms around the edge of the block pattern and trim off excess paper.

create a master block pattern

circle-5Use your paper weight to hold the block pattern onto the manilla card, staple around the paper block pattern about 2cms from the solid black edge, using your bradawl and 2H pencil mark on your darts, hipline, grainline etc, cut out using your paper / card scissors on the edge of the black solid line. When you run your fingers on the edge of the manilla card, it should have a super smooth edge.

TIP: When cutting out your block pattern use the length of the scissor blade to make long cuts through the card or paper.

block patterns - trousers


Mark on your block pattern information with a black ballpoint pen, drill a hole at one end of each block pattern, place all the piece together and hang in your studio with a pattern hook. Do you need a list of equipment to purchase, check it out here.

1 block pattern, multiple styles! The possibilities are endless…

START YOUR COLLECTION TODAY! Using these digital block patterns HERE.