1st Class Patterns is a learning environment that reflects design education through to the fashion industry with life-long learning skills. Essential techniques to create clothing patterns with industry Tools and Equipment, using Digital Block Patterns Size 6-20  or a garment stand as a starting point. Each digital block pattern is professionally drafted and graded with detailed instructions to help you create professional clothing patterns with confidence. 

We’ve got you covered if you are you are creating a fashion portfolio, starting in fashion education or a home sewer. Our aim is to make learning fashion design the technical processes of pattern making uncomplicated.

Work at your own pace with our pattern making Workshop / Challenge includes step-by-step video lessons, downloadable resources and support when you need it most. Each lesson has been designed to build off the previous one, making it easy to follow and develop your overall understanding of the techniques and put what you’ve learned into action.

Are you at intermediate-beginners level and want to further your pattern making skills? We would be honoured to assist your pattern making journey inside  Create Your Wardrobe or our Online Courses

Ezmé caught the sewing bug at a very young age from her mum who was a meticulous seamstress and her love of shoes from her dad who was a self-taught shoe cobbler. It was often a toss between going into designing clothes or shoes as a career. She soon realised her passion was sewing and making clothes.

She studied fashion design at The University of The Arts where she caught the bug for pattern making. Her pattern cutting tutor would constantly say to the students "You have to have the 4 P's" Patience, Passion, Persistence and Perseverance" to become a successful pattern maker.

After graduation, she started her fashion career in couture, luxury high-end labels as a junior designer, pattern cutter and later a fashion lecturer over three decades in women’s, men’s and children’s wear. 

1st Class Patterns assist you with a strong foundation of fashion pattern making/cutting. We are fashion industry professionals and fashion lecturers who has worked with members of the British, European and Middle Eastern Royal families, music and film personalities, producing couture commissions, made-to-measure, red carpet gowns, high street brands, design houses, global luxury brands; and teaching across various levels of fashion courses in some of the world’s most prestigious universities.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” - Lauren Hutton