Level Up your Pattern Making Skills

As we embrace the start of another year, if you have a dream of where you want your life to be in 2023, make it a reality and turn your creative passion into a job you love.

Visually break down a photo of a style to create a draft, pattern, and a toile using digital women's block patterns inside the Online Courses - Design Challenge Style Files.

Lessons are fully searchable, navigate to chapters, you can search not only the video titles but also the words that are spoken in a video lesson and be taken to the exact spot in the video in our online fashion courses.

The online courses are broken down into a proven framework with resources and my 30 + years of experience as a pattern maker and fashion lecturer. Looking back I was lucky I got to work with some incredible designers in couture, luxury, high-end and high-street as well as teaching.

I can’t really express how excited we are about launch of the Design Challenge Style Files - It's just the beginning...


Inspiration Pinterest 


Online Course: Design Challenge Style Files 


Draft | Pattern | Toile

Who is this for?

If you share our lifelong passion for pattern cutting the technical aspects of fashion design: 

  • You are presently at intermediate-beginners level +
  • You want to explore creative pattern cutting
  • You want to become a professional pattern maker
  • You're ready to take intentional, imperfect action
  • You want to expand your knowledge and skills
  • Have prior experience of using a sewing machine
  • You're done with going at this alone.. I hear you!

Digital Block Patterns

A0, A4,US letter size digital block patterns

The A0 size block patterns are available for you to download take or send to a copy shop to print out on an A0/36″ or wider plotter/printer. 

A0, A4,US letter size digital block patterns

Digital Block Patterns: A4/US Letter Size


Calico Toile/Muslin: Sheath Dress

The A4/US Letter Size block patterns are available for you to print out at home. Instructions are  provided to assemble and print out your digital block patterns.

blog-dcsf-want to up-level your pattern making-2

Learn technical skills for a better understanding of fashion industry practices in pattern drafting, pattern making and toile construction from your creative space.


Draft | Pattern | Toile


Inspiration Pinterest 


Online Course: Design Challenge Style Files 


You are cordially invited to join me inside "Design Challenge Style Files" to learn from your creative space - women's pattern making using a digital block pattern as a starting point.

Online Courses

Whether you’re returning or up-leveling your pattern cutting skills 1st Class Patterns is for creatives like you! We have made it really easy for you to navigate your way around. To kick off we've launched the online courses with the sheath dress digital block pattern + you can request patterns and you also get lifetime access to purchased online courses.

Online Courses (DCSF) Design Challenge - Style Files From - £59

Free Sheath Dress Block Pattern UK Size 6-20 (limited time)


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  1. Hey there, this online course is just what I needed to take my sewing game to the next level. I'm honestly demotivated these days and almost on the verge of giving up. But this course inspired me to practice and invest my time in leveling up my sewing pattern-making skills. So I'm up for the challenge!

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