Where Do you Store your Fashion Design Tools?

Tool bag - Where I store my fashion design tools since the 80's

When I started college we made tools bags for our fashion design tools (left), ever since then I’ve always kept my tools in a quilted tool bag as it protects the serrated tracing wheel, bradawl etc.

Fashion design tools I store in my tool bag

So what do I store in my tool bag?

Paper scissors, fabric shears, tape measure, pencils, sharpener, pattern notcher, tracing wheel, bradawl, pattern drill, mapping pins, coloured pens, sewing pins, mechanical pencils, eraser, button marker, highlighters, mechanical pencil refills.

The padded layer on the tool bag helps to protect the sharp and spiky tools especially when your travelling. I also use a large food storage container that sits on the side of my pattern cutting table. 

This project should  take you four-six hours to put together. 

The quilting time depends on the area you’re quilting or you could purchase a ready-made quilted fabric and your good to go. I’ve used a curtain interlining that sandwiches in between the main (cotton) and contrast (chintz) fabric.

sewing tool bag step by step instructions


» 150cm width – Printed main cotton fabric – 60cms
» 150cm width – Contrast chintz fabric – 1.00 metre
» 140cm width – Polyester wadding (6oz)/Curtain interlining – 70cms
» Sewing thread to match
» PDF pattern and instructions

Have you made your own tool bag to store your fashion design tools in?

Tell us in the comments below...

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