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Thank you to my members who requested the new block patterns. To kick things off I’ve added the digital knit block patterns for the bodice, skirt, trouser stretch garments and the woven block pattern for the corset.

Any garment made from stretch fabric will allow for the body movement so less ease allowance is included in the knit block patterns. The amount of stretch in your pattern will depend on the specific fabric, some will stretch in one way warp direction, one-way weft direction only, two ways, warp and weft stretch, but the degree of stretch may be different in each direction and four-way stretch.

Always pre-wash your stretchy fabric and leave it to dry flat for at least 24 hours so that it maintains its shape. Using a domestic machine? Choose the right needle – all stretchy knit fabrics should be sewn with a special needle; either a ballpoint or a stretch needle and stretch or zig-zag stitch.

When making a garment with lining this should be knitted or loose from the garment, interlinings can be knitted or special bonded types and stitching must incorporate the stretch properties.

A five thread overlocker is a more suitable stitch type or it could be a zig-zag small stitch and loose tension stitching creating more thread per seam and more stretch with a synthetic thread where the finish is dependent on the amount of stretch required. Care must be taken when handling stretch fabrics during making and pressing.

Women’s Digital Block Patterns

digital block patterns: bodice, skirt, trousers, shirt, jacket, coat, dress

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