Hi, my name is Ezmé I’m the creator of 1st Class Patterns. Let me first thank you for visiting! I’m so thrilled you’re here to join the fashion world at your fingertips, our fashion students started asking for online classes so we created 1st Class Patterns an online fashion training platform to assist you in fashion design to industry standards. Are you in the process of putting together your fashion portfolio for further or higher fashion design education or have you ever wanted to create your own clothes but weren’t sure where to begin? Maybe you want to learn online in a flexible way that fits your schedule. My team and I are here to strategically help you succeed on your creative journey, brush up or start a new career in the fashion industry!

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Why choose 1st Class Patterns to help you on your creative journey?  We’ve been in the fashion industry since the early 80’s creating clothing collections for luxury, high-end designers, we continue to assist fashion design students just like you to reach their goals whether you’re at secondary school moving onto FE or in college moving onto HE fashion education. We know it can be daunting starting out in the fashion industry and we want to assist you whether you’re pursuing a fashion career, a sewing project, or if you’ve graduated and want to continue training or launch your own fashion label! I wish I had all these wonderful resources when I first became interested in fashion, it would have saved me a lot of headache flipping through yellow pages, postage stamps and most importantly TIME that you can’t get back. When I started out in the industry I made a lot mistakes along the way, now I can safely say I learnt a great deal during my 30-year career as an embroidery, fashion, knitwear designer, creative pattern cutter and fashion educator. Starting in the industry can be frustrating and challenging, to say the least especially if you don’t have the right guidance or a structured plan to reach your goal.

1st Class Patterns - Fashion Training

Based in the UK 1st Class Patterns Online Fashion Training provide educational services for aspiring fashion designers, novice fashion students, graduate, pattern cutters or dressmakers. You can learn these skills at your own pace with our industry experts and fashion educators for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. The online courses are taught in English with online tutor support, downloadable skill workbooks, action plans, email, live chat and much more. Below you’ll find links to all of the content available with a description of each feature.

Tools and Equipment

It’s essential to have the correct tools and equipment to create your design projects. Don’t worry you won’t need all this equipment these are some of the tools I use on a daily basis. Find out more HERE. Tools and equipment for fashion design, pattern making, draping, sewing


Digital Block Patterns: Size 6 – 20 (based on UK size)

Create your own professional women’s tops, skirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets and coat patterns like designers in the fashion industry, using a Digital Block Pattern as your starting point. Choose from sizes 6-20: 4 or 5  category (one size) block pattern set and graded block pattern sets. I use these block patterns to create clothing collections for fashion designers and when teaching fashion education in art colleges and universities. The digital block patterns are arranged onto A4 sized pages for you to print out on A4 printers and assemble together; transfer onto Manilla card or Oaktag to create your own master block patterns. The individual pages are printed with a frame so they can be connected frame to frame, later. Find out more HERE. All digital block patterns sizes are drafted separately Bodice | Skirt | Shirt | Trouser | Dress | Jacket | Coat

1stclasspatterns.com - Digital block pattern to create your styles.


School Program for Teens: Creative Career

Teachers do you have post-16-year-old students with a passion for fashion and aiming for a career in Fashion Design? In partnership with schools our online taster fashion courses assist teenagers progressing onto further fashion education the technical processes involved in fashion design to industry standards. These taster courses help students learn and develop, extend their knowledge of specialist subjects, help with independent learning skills that will benefit them at college, university and beyond. Find out more HERE.

Fashion taster course for pre-16 year olds


Online Workshops

Want to take your pattern cutting skills to the next level with an online video workshop using a digital Trouser, Coat, Bodice, Skirt, Dress, Shirt or Jacket block pattern as a starting point? Learn from the comfort of your own environment and work at your own pace, with 24/7 access. Find out more HERE.

1st Class Patterns - Online workshops

Fashion Training Subscription

Discover the fashion world at your fingertips. The Skills of a Pattern Cutter Remain Very Relevant Today… The fashion training library is designed to equip you with the skills you need to compete in today’s highly competitive fast changing fashion industry. All our lessons are taught to industry standard. Learn from the comfort of your own environment and work at your own pace, with 24/7 access. Find out more HERE.

Our work has been seen on members of the British, European, Middle Eastern Royal families, music, film personalities, international catwalks and red carpet events throughout our careers as embroidery, knitwear, accessory, fashion designers, creative pattern cutters and fashion educators.

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If you are new to the industry or changing careers our online courses are a great way to test your career path, discover what it takes to become successful in the fashion industry before making that final leap. We love to inspire and share our expertise with you… Join our members from around the world and unleash your creative skills. From our creative table to yours, welcome to our world!