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Fashion taster course for pre-16 year olds

ONLINE FASHION TRAINING for pre 16 year olds

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In partnership with teachers and schools, our taster fashion course assists students progressing onto fashion education with the processes involved in fashion design to industry standards. We are here to help your students learn, develop, extend their knowledge of specialist subjects and assist with independent learning skills that will benefit them at college, university and beyond.

1. Are you a post-16-year-old student studying art or fashion and textiles?

2. Do you have a passion for fashion and aiming for a career in fashion design?

3. Are you preparing your fashion portfolio for interviews?

4. Want to learn from a fashion industry professional with years of expertise to fast-track your fashion career?

5. Want to build a fashion portfolio showcasing the skills you learnt on our taster fashion course?

Welcome to our world!

Taster fashion course: for pre-16 year old students

These courses are taught to fashion industry standards.

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Are you ready to join us?

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